Create beautiful color palettes instantly

PaletteMaker is a powerful and intuitive way to generate, customize, and integrate stunning color palettes with ease.

Generate palettes with your brand colors

Select colors to use and generate palettes that ensure visual coherence, eliminating the guesswork and allowing you to simply choose your favorite.

Try with your colors

Effortlessly customize your colors

Adjust colors the same way you think

PaletteMaker simplifies color modification, allowing you to refine your palette intuitively.

Modifying colors with lightness and saturation sliders

Define transitions between shades

For more intricate color palettes, adjust the way shades transition from lightest to darkest.

Setting the count of shades for colors with plus and minus buttons

Link colors to preserve their harmony

Keep hue difference between colors the same and ensure they stay visually coherent.

Linking multiple color hues together with a designated button

Build accessible and inclusive designs

Incorporate accessibility into your designs with the contrast checker tool and colorblind preview mode. Easily adhere to accessibility standards and ensure that your designs are perceivable by a wider audience.

Text showing how to effectively utilize contrast checker
Color palette editor with Deuteranopia colorblindness preview active

Seamlessly integrate across tools

CSS code being exported from PaletteMaker

Export your palettes directly into the format you need. Spend less time converting and more time creating with code that fits right into your project's workflow.





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